Ralph Lauren perfume

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Ralph Lauren perfume – the fragrance of the fashion empire

The Ralph Lauren fashion empire can look back on a long and successful history: The Ralph Lauren brand was founded in 1967. Lauren sold handmade ties from a hawker’s tray in the Empire State Building. The quality and the design were so convincing that a year later he presented his first men’s collection. He did what had never been done before and put together smart outfits like formal shirts with sporty materials.

The first women’s collection was created in 1971. The unique selling point: the brand's famous polo player emblem adorned Ralph Lauren clothing for the first time in this collection. A year later, the first polo shirts appeared – a timeless item of clothing that is still very popular today. A few years later the first Ralph Lauren perfume appeared.

Timeless fragrances by Ralph Lauren

In 1978 Ralph Lauren converted his passion for style into a fragrance for women and men. Today, there are numerous fragrances by Ralph Lauren that have the right fragrance note for every personality. The confident style and timeless chic of the fashion creator are always guaranteed. Included in the especially iconic women’s fragrances by Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren Romance. It makes an impression with its sensual yet carefree light notes and is a homage to Ralph Lauren’s wife.

A super popular and timeless Eau de Toilette by Ralph Lauren is Ralph Lauren Polo. It belongs to the traditional lines from the house of Ralph Lauren. The lines Polo Blue and Polo Black stand for freedom and elegance. The Ralph Lauren fragrance line Polo Red concludes the brand family name. The men’s fragrance with base notes of red saffron and red grapefruit promise adventurous fragrance moments.

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