Body Skin care by Hildegard Braukmann

The Pro series Body from the program by Hildegard Braukmann is dedicated to intensive regenerative care. Included are many individual components for the diverse needs of skin care. For instance, which the Shower Cream with red algae extract moisturises the skin while cleaning, the Sea Salt Peel smooths and stimulates the deeper skin layers.

Holistic care with herbal cosmetics

Behind the cosmetics by Hildegard Braukmann is a philosophy which has been streamlined over 50 years. The founder of the brand chose a holistic approach, which strengthens the skin’s natural energy using the power of nature. Thus the Pro series skin care Body reconditions the natural balance instead of artificially compensating for deficits. Assemble a professional set of herbal cosmetics which are even suitable for people with allergies and neurodermatitis.