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Description by Perles de Lalique Shower Gel by Lalique

The premium Perles de Lalique Shower Gel, made in France by the manufacturer bearing the same name, pampers your skin whilst you are under the shower with luxuriously pleasant essences that have a nourishing effect and exude a really pleasant fragrance at the same time. The delightfully fresh fragrance is highlighted by a somewhat fruity and yet very delicate note, meaning therefore that it can be worn on its own or as a base for any other fragrance to be subsequently applied. The Shower Gel comes in a simple white 150 ml tube.

The trendy Shower Gel from the heart of France

The Perles de Lalique Shower Gel by Lalique envelops you in breathtaking and typically French fragrances, but its nourishing effect must not be underestimated either. This is because the Shower Gel supplies your entire body with long-lasting soothing essences that help to reduce inflammation and irritation. Your cells’ moisture reserves are refilled in the background, ensuring your skin is then able to slowly draw on this moisture the whole day through.

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