Shampoo Hair care by Lavera

Shampoo is a particularly important hair care product because it cleanses both the hair itself and the scalp. A good shampoo also removes toxins and dirt that can become embedded deep into the roots of the hair up to the hairline. The natural cosmetics brand Lavera offers various shampoos made from natural ingredients that don’t just provide pleasant, gentle cleansing and care but also have the wonderful fragrance of wide meadows, nature, and pretty flowers at the same time. Like always with Lavera, the hair care products are made only from natural, organically produced ingredients.

Caring cosmetics for healthy hair

Well-kept hair doesn’t just look beautiful; it also has a soft, pleasant fragrance and a silky-smooth texture. Perfect styling begins with hair care because this makes the hair significantly stronger yet means it falls softer, which makes subsequent styling with hairspray and other products enormously easier. The hair and scalp products from Lavera can be tailored to your own hair type. Therefore, you achieve more shine, selectively remove grease, repair the hair, or finally declare war on unpleasant dandruff.