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Jil Sander stands for a clear style characterised by elegance and timelessness. The brand Jil Sander… Learn more
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Jil Sander

Jil Sander stands for a clear style characterised by elegance and timelessness. The brand Jil Sander was developed for women who want to be tough but feminine at the same time. In 1979 the first scents were released with Pure Woman. The trademark of Jil Sander is an exclusive style which accents the femininity of the wearer.
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Jil Sander perfume – puristic and elegant for the sophisticated woman of today

Modern minimalism and timeless clarity – this is what the brand Jil Sander stands for. This is reflected not just in the fashions but also in the elegant, puristic Jil Sander perfumes and fragrances that celebrate the independent woman of today.

Jil Sander – the Queen of Less delights with inimitable perfumes

The now internationally renowned fashion designer Jil Sander, whose real name is Heidemarie Jiline Sander, was born in Wesselburen, Dithmarschen in 1943 and now lives in Hamburg. Her nicknames the “Queen of Less" or “Cashmere Queen" reflect the minimalism and elegance of her style. She worked as fashion editor for various women’s magazines such as Petra, before opening a fashion boutique in Pöseldorf, Hamburg, in 1976 at the age of 24. She founded Jil Sander GmbH in 1968 and, from 1973, sold her own collections alongside fashion by Sonia Rykiel and others. She made her international breakthrough in 1976 with the “onion look". With her minimalistic style, which emphasises the essentials without being weighed down by unnecessary details, the career woman, who started out at the beginning of the 1980s, set about capturing leading positions. From 1997, she also designed collections for men.

In 1978, Jil Sander extended her product range with the perfume and skin care range “Jil Sander Woman Pure" and, in 1979, launched her first fragrances with Pure Woman and Pure Man. Today, Jil Sander dominates the fragrance world with her puristic, enchanting perfumes – distinctive fragrances for self-confident and sophisticated women who stand resolute in their (professional) lives and want to emphasise their femininity at the same time. Like in her fashion, which is characterised by clear, strong lines, Jil Sander also focuses on emphasising the essence of the feminine and the masculine in her perfumes - hence Pure Woman and Pure Man.

In March 2004, Jil Sander was awarded the perfume Oscar by the Fragrance Foundation Deutschland for her life’s work.

Wonderfully feminine perfumes and Jil Sander men’s fragrances that express strength and sensibility

Do you dream of gentle fragrances? Jil Sander Style Soft perfume symbolises timeless clarity and puristic elegance. The powerful, tart notes of Jil Sander Style are traded off against fruity compositions, giving the Jil Sander Style Soft perfume a sensually alluring, enchanting aura.

Discover the unique Jil Sander men’s fragrances too, such as the product range Jil Sander Sport Men. Elegant bottles exude a whole new dimension of sportiness – a cool, aromatic fragrance provides power and freshness, which make you want to exercise, capture the exhilaration of energy and adrenaline, and – with a base of soft sandalwood, cedar, and Hinoki wood - convey the satisfaction of having accomplished something.

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