Soulmate Men Men's fragrances by s.Oliver

Finding a kindred spirit happens very rarely in life but that makes it all the nicer. The twin fragrance by s.Oliver is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on the wearer, in addition the soul mate can pick up a similar fragrance, in which the twin “Soulmate Woman” is used. Just like its counterpart Soulmate Men was created by the renowned perfume house IFF and exudes woody and very spicy hints. The pleasantly raw and masculine fragrance ensures feel-good moments and is suitable both for at the office and for a party with your best friends.

Men’s fragrances with character and taste

Soulmate Men by s.Oliver was conceived in 2013 and starts with mandarin, black pepper and saffron. In the heart of the fragrance there are lavender, tonka beans and nutmeg into the base impresses above all with its warm hints, provoked by amber and patchouli. The perfume is picked up in the fragrance range, amongst other things in a Deodorant, which guarantees long lasting and secure protection – including under stress and strain. The Shower Gel rounds off the fragrance range and makes Soulmate Men a real unique item.”