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MUGLER perfume

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Mugler perfume – sensational fragrances with cult status

Every Mugler perfume is not only visually appealing, but also edgy. Presented in elaborate flacons, the fragrance immediately stands out from the crowd. The French fashion designer has long been drawn to extravagance and luxury. And even though Thierry Mugler died suddenly at the beginning of January 2022, his legacy remains: a host of exceptional fragrances that exude passion and exclusivity.

Mugler perfume is sweeping the globe

The first Mugler perfume appeared in 1992. Thierry wanted to relaunch a classic with Mugler Angel that was recognisable but innocent, soft, and seductive at the same time. The perfume generated a frenzy of excitement and, at times, sold better than many other well-known and high-priced rival products.

  • Mugler women’s fragrances: Looking to make a splash with its remarkable composition, Mugler has developed a number of fragrances for women that bewitch the senses. Each Mugler Eau de Parfum is a remarkable composition, with floral and fruity essences. While the old classics primarily feature sweet scents of vanilla, damask rose and akigalawood, the newer fragrances feature woody nuances such as amber and jasmine sambac that create a stir. Each creation is a resounding success that is not only enticing to women.
  • Mugler men’s fragrances: While the women’s fragrances are always kept passionate and seductive, the men’s fragrances tend to present themselves in a clear, coherent and cool way. Scents such as ginger, cinnamon and green coffee are essential, while musk, coriander, mint and benzoin are also used. An extraordinary mixture, but one that exudes sensuality and is highly addictive.

The Mugler perfumes excel in successful fragrance blends and impressive flacons. A combination that Thierry Mugler perfectly knew how to bring together and made a gift of to the world. Enjoy the ease of ordering a selection of the fashion designer’s perfume favourites, infused with unique aromas, online at parfumdreams: for unparalleled olfactory experiences that dazzle with multi-faceted richness and intriguing accents.

Exhilarating Mugler fragrances in striking flacons

Mugler perfume does more than just dazzle with its unique fragrance creations; it is primarily the flacons that set the tone. Each one is a small masterpiece and an ode to art. Conspicuously conceived and intensely coloured, each bottle is a miniature highlight. A star seemingly plucked from the universe or a creation that seems to be out of this world. Mugler was constantly coming up with new concepts. He knew exactly how to put them into action because he was a visionary.

He primarily used time-tested essences in his fragrance creations, but he did so with great skill. The result was the sensational Mugler fragrances. Their imaginative names made them the talk of the town. To this day, each and every Mugler fragrance enjoys great popularity. They take perfume lovers around the world on a fabulous olfactory journey.

Some Mugler Eau de Parfums can even be refilled in selected perfumeries. Refillable perfumes make a valuable contribution to environmental preservation. When the bottle is empty, you can simply refill the contents without having to buy a new package. If you want to discover the world of fragrances for yourself, parfumdreams has a wide range of Mugler perfumes at great prices.

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