212 Men Men's fragrances by Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a noted brand manufacturer who is famous for the unmistakable aromas of her fragrances. Her men’s fragrance, 212 Men, sets out to convey a joie de vivre and to create a relaxed mood. The number 212 is the dialling code for Manhattan. This famous global metropolis represents joie de vivre, attitude, vitality and exuberance. These elements are reflected in this well-known and popular men’s fragrance.

For men of the world

212 Men has already impressed thousands of men. As a result, the developers at Carolina Herrera decided to continue with this popular perfume in other forms and it is now available as a deodorant and aftershave as well. The design of the bottle emphasises the sensuous character of the perfume the flaçon keeps to minimalist form in an attractive and timeless design.