Diesel Parfum

Diesel – intense fragrances for men and women

The Italian fashion label, Diesel SpA, has been in existence since 1978. In addition to jeans and other garments, it also manufactures accessories including women’s and men’s fragrances. Its founder, Renzo Rosso, is also the inventor of the famous Diesel jeans that are still regarded today as a classic and a legend among denim jeans.

Diesel women’s fragrances with personality

The modern women’s fragrance Fuel for Life Femme , captured in an eau de parfum and shower gel, mystifies the senses - only then to beguile them: the fragrance only exists as a two-in-one – the women’s perfume with the masculine counterpart and the men’s perfume with the feminine counterpart. The successor to this exclusive perfume is the fragrance Fuel for Life Unlimited: luxurious, exclusive, free and sensuous. Women’s fragrances Denim Femme and Loverdose – Diesel">Loverdose complete the range of fragrances with floral and oriental scents and magical magnetic power.

Men’s fragrances – aftershave, eau de toilette and shower gel

Diesel’s fragrances for men set the trend in the men’s perfume segment with their legendary intensity. As the counterpart to Fuel for Life Femme, the fragrance Fuel for Life Homme – is a classic among Diesel fragrances. Only the Brave, Denim Homme and Only The Brave Tattoo perfumes embody the new self-awareness of the modern man with power and equilibrium. It’s also mirrored in the shape of the bottle: a man’s clenched fist!

Parfum of Diesel