XERJOFF perfume

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XERJOFF – perfume combined with an Italian attitude to life

Sergio Momo seems to be very close to his Croatian grandmother's heart. For it was she who gave Momo the nickname “Sir-Joff” in kindergarten. Pronounced “Zer-Joff”, this pet name provided inspiration for the perfume founder, who launched his first fragrance under the label XERJOFF in 2004. The immediately perfume itself caused a stir and became a huge hit within a very short time. Fast forward to today, the artist has brought out over 150 different fragrances, which simply wow users all over the world.

XERJOFF combines clever luxury with Italian flair

Momo, who comes from Turin, is mainly inspired by nature, personal memories and Italian style. He is constantly creating sensational perfumes that radiate fascination and opulence from these components. XERJOFF perfume is also distinguished by its extravagant design and always comes in eye-catching bottles. Momo leaves nothing to chance, opting for selected essences that are atmospheric and always hit the mark with their fragrance. Special feature: Every XERJOFF fragrance is gender-neutral. It's not assigned to any gender but is intended to be enjoyed by everyone. The designer always sticks to his principles:

  • The proximity to nature: Momo adds a mixture of Italian joie de vivre as well as natural ingredients to every XERJOFF product. The perfumer uses fresh fragrance materials like lemons and combines them skilfully with coffee or tobacco extracts. By adding violet, vanilla and iris, a fragrance is created that brings back memories of summers gone by in Tuscany or on the Italian Riviera.
  • Tradition meets modern perfume manufacture: The artist likes to use different fragrance notes to manufacture unusual XERJOFF perfume. He is particularly fond of Arabic essences. Through woody notes like oud, lily of the valley, bergamot or apple, surprising perfume creations succeed in whisking users away to the world of 1001 Nights.
  • Ready for every kind of adventure: XERJOFF spices up all these ideas with further fragrance ideas. He uses sharp ginger, intense saffron or Bulgarian rose to create intense and unforgettable fragrance moments.

It’s not only interesting fragrances that are important to Xerjoff but above all high-quality and individual perfumes. He wants to release small specialities into the world that have never existed before in their current form. He spends a lot of time doing this and devotes himself with extraordinary dedication to every fragrance composition as if it were his last work. XERJOFF fragrances do not come about by chance but are gifts to fragrance lovers that contain the most valuable ingredients in the world.

XERJOFF is more than a perfume manufacturer

Creating different fragrances is one of Momo’s most intense passions. His goal is to bring the beauty of the entire world back into focus, as it seems to have got lost in our fast-paced lives. XERJOFF uses subtle sensory fragrances to send the senses on a journey.

With each fragrance, memories, feelings and desires can be rekindled. For this to succeed, Momo plays with fragrances until they satisfy him. He presents these creations in artistically designed bottles with a progressive look and a gold cap. Here too, elegance meets a touch of luxury – a mixture that works and never fails to astonish customers.

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