Grown Alchemist

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Grown Alchemist: Natural cosmetics from Australia

The joint passion for a healthy lifestyle and natural skincare led to the founding of Grown Alchemist. Brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs turned their passion into a profitable company. Grown Alchemist is today the leading brand for natural skincare and body care in Australia.

Grown Alchemist: Natural skincare and regeneration

Brothers Keston and Jeremy Muijs took a detour in product development for their company Grown Alchemist. As consultants to leading cosmetic brands, they discovered ground-breaking research results. They show that the regular use of natural active ingredients dramatically improves the health of skin cells. Therefore, they had already founded their brand in 2008: They were frequently called pioneers of natural cosmetics.

The concept of “biocompatible beauty” arose: Natural cosmetics from Grown Alchemist are intended to optimise the function of the skin and thus reverse the signs of skin ageing. To develop their products, they collaborated with scientists from five research laboratories in Australia, Spain, Switzerland, London and Paris. Here they develop new formulas, which experts worldwide count as the most innovative cosmetic formulas there are.

The formulas from Grown Alchemist are free from harmful chemicals. The brand also resolutely avoids animal testing and animal ingredients.

Grown Alchemist natural cosmetics: Body care for the whole body

Grown Alchemist offers a wide palette of cosmetic products, which are tailored to the different requirements of skin, body and hair. The skincare comprises cleansing products, moisturisers, serums and masks. They care for and rejuvenate the skin with innovative combinations of natural active ingredients.

The skincare from Grown Alchemist is intended to combat wrinkles and regenerate the skin. A key active ingredient in the Age-Repair range is Phyto-Peptide-3. Peptides are building blocks for proteins, which promote collagen and elastin synthesis. They support the lower layers of skin and strengthen it from the inside out. Natural hyaluronic acid stores moisture and minimises the depth of wrinkles. This cosmetic line protects the skin additionally from free radicals with antioxidants like vitamin E, green tea extract and grapeseed oil.

Grown Alchemist: natural beauty for body and hair

The haircare and body care from Grown Alchemist offers numerous products for every requirement. They extend from exfoliants with microscopic pumice stone to moisturising skincare to hand care. Just as extensive is the selection of haircare products from Grown Alchemist, which treat all hair problems.

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