The American brand Halston is predominantly known in this country as a manufacturer of classic fashion, but for years it has also been creating high-quality perfume for women and men as an exciting addition to its collections. Founded in the 1960s, sophistication and class has been the consistent resolution for creating women’s and men’s fashion. Like many brand manufacturers, Halston has created fashionable accessories in the following years. These also include fragrances by the American quality manufacturer. These can be purchased at attractive prices via our online shop.

Compliment fashion by Halston with a fresh perfume

The collections from the company from Los Angeles have presented themselves as innovative, young and fresh through all the decades. These exact properties are demonstrated by the fragrances from this manufacturer, which are available as an eau de toilette spray for women and men. The shiny flacon in silver tones is another trademark of the brand and offers a sophisticated perfume for every day. Alongside Halston’s renowned fragrance selection, our online assortment offers you fragrances from other American designers, so you can experience the American way of life.