Base Make-up by Korres

For a flawless complexion: The foundation of Korres

The make-up manufacturer Korres presents products for a radiantly beautiful, flawless skin in its foundation line. Discover foundation and concealer, which provide gentle cover while allowing the natural radiance of your complexion to come into its own. The company is domiciled and originated in Greece. The two corporate founders, George and Elena Korres, rely completely on skin-tolerable and environmentally-friendly products. Both foundation and concealer largely waive synthetic ingredients.

Nature in the foreground

The make-up contains many ingredients of a natural origin. Vegetable oils and amino acids give your skin everything it needs. Moreover, plants from the Greek flora are used in the products. Animal experiments are also waived when manufacturing make-up and foundation. To ensure your natural skin tone looks perfect, use the products to cover small irregularities. The well thought-out cosmetics are available to you in two different tones: Choose between wild rose and pomegranate. The result will persuade you! Skin tolerability and optimal care successfully coalesce with a good optical impression.