NYX Professional Makeup

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NYX Professional Makeup – just as glamorous as you

The NYX Professional Makeup brand and its fabulous products offer the perfect mix of excellent quality and affordable prices. Here you can depend on finding brilliant colours, high-quality ingredients and silky textures in the colourful bottles and jars. The majority of the products in the range are also vegan.

NYX Makeup – monotone is a thing of the past

This brand supports diversity: not only through its involvement with the LGBTQ+ community, but also with its products. Whereas other colour cosmetics companies offer eyeliners in black and brown, NYX Professional Cosmetics has an entire colour palette of eyeliners. Use it to create uncompromising eye make-up styles that are perfect for you and complete the look with a coordinated eyeshadow and volumising mascara.

How about a statement lipstick? It’s easy with NYX lipsticks. The popular berry, pink and red shades are livened up with bolder colours like cool blue, mystic purple and candyfloss pink. Is regular lipgloss too boring for you? Try the milky version. It doesn’t just give your lips an enchanting shimmer, it also smells heavenly – almost sweet enough to eat.

Shop for NYX Professional Makeup products online

At parfumdreams you not only get great-value prices, you also benefit from a comprehensive selection of the most interesting products on the market. Why buy NYX Professional Makeup online? Because you can decide which cosmetics will adorn your face in the future without any hassle:

  • NYX eye make-up: The NYX cosmetics range includes everything you need for enchanting eyes, from basics to extravagant highlights. Mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow in subtle and opulent colours for the perfect big entrance.
  • NYX complexion products: From foundation and fixing powder to concealer and bronzer. Simply shop your way through the NYX makeup range for a flawless-looking complexion.
  • NYX lip make-up: With glossy, plumping and matte lipsticks in the range, NYX Professional Cosmetics will never let you down.
  • NYX accessories: The face is a work of art that can only be created with the perfect tools. That’s why the NYX range includes various brushes and blenders.

Even the most magical make-up doesn’t last forever. To ensure that you can remove it all again NYX Professional Makeup offers an effective make-up remover with micellar water. It clarifies the pores and leaves the skin feeling squeaky clean.

Give NYX as a gift and enjoy the smile you receive in return

Christmas is just around the corner and your bestie’s birthday is fast approaching too? Not only does the gift set from NYX Professional Makeup make the perfect present – it will also boost the recipient’s confidence. Because those who smile at their reflection in the mirror go through life with more confidence.