red cherry EYELASHES

Red Cherry – conquer the world with a confident gaze

False lashes are the cherry on top for any glamorous make-up look. Whether you want them dramatically thick or ethereally long: The Red Cherry label offers countless variations to seductively enhance your look. The special thing about them: Lashes from Red Cherry cosmetics are made from real human hair. As a result, they look particularly natural and can even be coated with mascara.

Red Cherry: a brand with a mission

According to the brand itself, style begins with a confident look that captivates with the flutter of perfect lashes. Therefore, they have made it their mission to become THE brand for the professional make-up sector. Many professionals already value the high quality of Red Cherry Lashes, which are made from real human hair and are produced without animal testing. Whether it’s individual lashes or complete strip lashes: With parfumdreams you get your favourites delivered really easily to your home.

Buy Red Cherry and apply at home

The lash range from Red Cherry is so extensive, everyone is bound to find their favourite style. As long as you handle them with care, they’ll last longer than one night. The important thing is to remove the glue after wearing them with make-up remover or micellar water. It’s best to keep them in the original packaging so that they don’t stick together.

Red Cherry cosmetics also have individual lashes in the range. This enables you to thicken and lengthen your own lashes exactly where you want to. This allows you to create a particularly natural look and still seduce with a fascinating look. No matter which option you select: Red Cherry Lashes always come without glue – so remember to order some at the same time.

Red Cherry Cosmetics has a special tool in its range to make attaching the false lashes easy. The Eyelash Applicator, with its ergonomic design, helps you to precisely place the false lashes. This allows you to pick up the false strip lashes as a whole without having to worry about annoying creases.

Shop Red Cherry lashes at parfumdreams

With parfumdreams and Red Cherry you’ll be the star of every party. With these fake lashes, you can seduce with a single look from your perfectly styled eyes. Shop the wide selection and get your favourites delivered straight to your home.