Rochas perfume

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Rochas perfume: Timeless elegance from Paris

The Rochas brand embodies timeless elegance and French sophistication like practically no other. The visionary perfumer and fashion designer Marcel Rochas founded his emporium in Paris in 1925. His goal was to emphasise the unique beauty of every woman. Rochas is still one of the most famous luxury brands worldwide.

Rochas: From lawyer to fashion star

The lawyer Marcel Rochas founded the Rochas brand in the famous Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the centre of Paris. He directed his company right up until his death in 1955. Due to his resemblance to the famous actor Rudolph Valentino, he was called the “Valentino of couture“.

Rochas designs were feminine and modern at the same time. His customers included actresses like Marlene Dietrich. As an enthusiastic perfumer, Marcel Rochas created his first perfume in 1934: "Femme". This iconic fragrance quickly became a classic and established Rochas as a leading brand in the world of fragrances.

Rochas perfume: A few selected, distinctive fragrances

The offering of Rochas Eau de Parfum and Rochas Eau de Toilette is relatively small. Nevertheless, perfume by Rochas is still one of the classic fragrances with a faithful fan community worldwide.

  • Eau de Rochas: is a homage to the timeless beauty of nature. This fragrance embodies freshness and lightness with a combination of tangy citrus notes and floral accords. The top note combines fruity plum and peach, which segue into Bulgarian rose and jasmine. The fragrance finishes with ambergris and oak moss.
  • Rochas Girl: This modern, pretty fragrance captures the youth and light-heartedness of a young lady. With fruity notes of pear and raspberry as well as floral accords of jasmine and orange blossom, Girl is the perfect companion for young women. There is also a variation of Girl, the Girl Blooming Edition Eau de Toilette Spray.
  • Eau de Rochas Homme: This timeless, masculine fragrance came out in 1999. It refreshes with top notes of bergamot and lavender before the surprising middle note of jasmine, lily and violet finishes with cedar and tobacco. This sophisticated composition has wowed men and women in equal measure for decades.
  • Rochas Man: This further development of Man is reminiscent of the original with the top note of lavender and citrus fruits. The gentle yet intense aromatic middle note springs a surprise with the combination of cedarwood and cappuccino. This men’s perfume finishes on a sweet note with vanilla and tonka bean. The fragrance is clearly perceptible yet not overpowering – perfect for the modern man.

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Rochas stands for timeless elegance, French sophistication and unchanging beauty. The perfumes from Rochas are a mirror image of the individuality and uniqueness of every woman and every man. From Eau de Rochas with its fresh lightness to Man with its masculine strength – Rochas fragrances wow with their timeless compositions. Discover the world of fragrances by Rochas now at parfumdreams.