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Syoss: Hair care brand with a recent success story

The Syoss brand is dedicated to hair care and offers shampoos and hair masks as well as styling products and dyes. Syoss was founded in 1977 in Japan and is synonymous with salon-fresh hair and professional products. It was developed, among others, by hairdressers who tested the products themselves. With Syoss your hair should look as though you have just left the salon, which is made possible by silky shine, long and strong hold and radiant colour.

What Syoss products are there?

The Syoss brand features everything you need for gorgeous hair in its range, from Coloration to hair care:

  • Syoss Coloration: Discover permanent colours and hair dyes that are easy to apply and promise excellent results. Syoss also has special tints for eyebrows that gently accentuate the hairs.
  • Syoss hair care: Syoss offers a huge range of products for that “just left the salon” feeling. From basics like shampoo and conditioner to special styling products, the brand has got you covered, no matter what you want.

The brand is targeted predominantly at women – however there are now also Syoss products for men. Many of the hair care products contain specially coordinated ingredients, such as keratin, algae or amino acids. They are what make the products so effective.

Hair care is an integral part of many women’s – and men’s – daily beauty routine. If the Syoss products are used regularly, their beauty effect can evolve with each use. Professional hair styling and high-quality hair care are also possible at home and the result can be seen every day.

What is the Syoss brand’s unique selling point?

Syoss products promise that “just left the salon feeling”: Silky, shiny hair that is cared for and styled as you like is no longer a dream with Syoss. Using these products is easy, the price is affordable and the results can be seen for themselves.

Long, short, thin and thick hair can be cleansed, strengthened and styled with Syoss products. Whether you need 48-hour hold, a freshen up with dry shampoo or a new hair colour in the quickest time possible – with Syoss the possibilities are endless when it comes to hair care and styling.

Buy Syoss and select the right matching products

It’s super easy to buy Syoss at parfumdreams. Customers benefit from good prices and can put together their individual hair care routine from the popular brand’s large product range. This can be tailored to suit your personal needs, because Syoss has something for everyone.

Whether it’s the Volume Shampoo, hairspray for texture and volume, Men Power Shampoo or the Root Retouch, which offers an instant colour touch-up for your roots – the selection at is large and your order is conveniently delivered to your home.