Tiziana Terenzi perfume

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Tiziana Terenzi: Perfume for a discerning clientèle

The name Tiziana Terenzi is synonymous with innovation, Italian flair and incomparable quality and is priced accordingly. The fragrances from Tiziana Terenzi are not eau de toilette or eau de parfum. Only extrait de parfum is sold under this name. This is a highly concentrated perfume oil that smells particularly intense and is long-lasting. Siblings Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi launched these exclusive perfumes.

The following collections from Tiziana Terenzi perfume can be ordered from parfumdreams:

  • Tiziana Terenzi Classic Collection: The first collection from this Italian brand silently conveys the Mediterranean attitude towards life. The first fragrances came onto the market in 2012. Like all fragrances in this unusual luxury perfume range, those belonging to the Classic Collection are also unisex: They are suitable for men and women and appear in collections that are usually strictly limited. Perfume from the Tiziana Terenzi Classic Collection can be recognised by its black and gold styling.
  • Tiziana Terenzi Comete Collection: Perfumer Paolo Terenzi draws inspiration from comets in his creations. That’s why all Tiziana Terenzi perfumes in this fragrance line are named after celestial bodies. They are particularly suitable for cool temperatures.
  • Tiziana Terenzi Luna Collection: This collection by Tiziana Terenzi is also dedicated to the night sky, but has warmer notes than the Comete Collection. Mirach, Sirrah and CAS belong to this fragrance line.
  • Tiziana Terenzi Sea Star Collection: For his 50th birthday in 2019, Tiziana Terenzi gifted her brother Paolo these five seductive perfumes. They embody the Mediterranean zest for life. The Sea Star Collection contains the perfumes: Orza, Poggia, Atlantide, Cubia and Telea.

Behind the name Tiziana Terenzi lies a traditional family business that has been based in Cattolica on the Adriatic sea since 1968. However, it was the grandchildren of the company founder who started producing these perfumes. Previously, the production of candles was the Terenzi family’s main business. Scented candles as well as Easter and devotional candles were the profession of company founder Evelino Terenzi.

Tiziana Terenzi perfume: Innovative yet at the same time traditional

Evelino’s grandchildren Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi turned the family business upside down. First, Paolo introduced food-grade paraffin, eco-friendly fragrances and sustainable production methods in the manufacture of the wax candles. To this day all fragrances from Tiziana Terenzi are exclusively made in Italy.

Innovation is perfumer Paolo's métier, while his sister Tiziana Terenzi expresses her talent for design as creative director. Years of research preceded the production of the perfumes, which first came onto the market in 2012. This is how they managed to produce attar nectar for Tiziana Terenzi – a method that only a few people have mastered today. In this process, the scent of an ingredient is extracted and preserved without alcohol. This allows a perfume to reach its full potential. Attar nectar has been produced mainly in the Orient for thousands of years.

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Extrait de Parfum by Tiziana Terenzi is produced under fair conditions exclusively in Italy. Just as exclusive as the exquisite fragrances are the wonderfully elegant bottles, dominated by gold. All perfumes deliver an unmistakable fragrance experience that is unparalleled in the world of olfactory pleasures. Perfumes by Tiziana Terenzi are an investment that pays off with a long-lasting zest for life. parfumdreams offers a wide range of perfumes from Tiziana Terenzi – order online now!