Womanizer toys

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Womanizer toys: the focus is on female pleasure

The Womanizer brand is synonymous with female pleasure and has revolutionised the sex toy market. The two inventors Michael Lenke and his wife Brigitte have been causing quite a stir since 2014 with their patented Pleasure Air Technology, which can bring women to orgasm in seconds without touching them and only by means of waves of air pressure.

According to studies, 50 per cent of women do not reach orgasm, but Michael Lenke wasn’t willing to accept this, so he created the Womanizer with the help of his wife. The idea was to give women new sensations of pleasure without the danger of overstimulating the 8,000 nerve endings of the sensitive clitoris.

The Womanizer vibrator featuring its latest technology has been a huge success story and is more popular than any other clitoral stimulator. The brand focuses exclusively on the female centre of pleasure using its waves of air pressure and results in orgasms for 98 per cent of buyers.

Achieve the centre of pleasure with these Womanizer products

Not only did Michael Lenke invent the Pleasure Air Technology used by the Womanizer, but also the built-in autopilot. By automatically varying the intensity levels, it makes sure there are always surprises during use. This increases the sensation of pleasure and always has new surprises in store when satisfying yourself. Thanks to Smart Silence Technology, the stimulation only starts on contact with the skin and is also very quiet.

Other Womanizer sex toys feature air pressure technology and the additional use of G-spot stimulators using classic vibrations.

What does the Womanizer brand stand for?

The Womanizer brand wants to use its air pressure technology to lift the lid off the taboo subject of masturbation. Not only is the brand about female pleasure, but also about the empowerment of women. The message of Womanizer is to liberate sex, sexuality and masturbation from shame, and the company advocates sexual empowerment, equality and greater tolerance.

The Womanizer vibrator has succeeded in making millions of women happy - even those who previously had problems reaching orgasm. Masturbation is becoming less of a taboo subject and more and more women are daring to talk about their desires and preferences, thanks to the Womanizer brand.

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At parfumdreams you can buy a variety of Womanizer products. They are all small, complex marvels of technology, and boast impressive high quality. Their timeless, elegant design, good ease of use and 98 per cent orgasm guarantee are the reason why almost every woman says after the very first use that buying the Womanizer was worth it.