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Zoeva: The cosmetics for the international sisterhood

The name Zoeva stands for cosmetic products and brushes that fulfil the highest requirements but won’t bust your budget. Zoeva arose from the combination of the first names of two sisters: Zoe and Barbara. The two women of Greek origin left their homeland to realise their dream of a better life. “Wear the Love - Trage die Liebe” is the sentence that perfectly describes Zoeva cosmetics.

Zoeva cosmetic products are available in the following categories:

  • Zoeva make-up: Discover the popular eyeshadow palettes, which are impressively highly pigmented and easy to use.
  • Zoeva foundation: You’ll also find concealer, foundation, highlighter and bronzer in the usual quality at Zoeva.
  • Zoeva brushes: Zoeva was known for the high-quality brushes that previously were only available at much higher prices – this was a genuine revolution in the German beauty market!

The two sisters were crazy about cosmetics right from childhood. The actual journey of the beauty lovers with Zoeva began in 2008. At that time, the founder of the company Zoe Boikou discovered a gap in the market. There were no high-quality brushes to be had at affordable prices on the German beauty market.

The sisters solved the problem by selling cosmetic brushes from home on eBay. This worked so well that Zoe Boikin founded the company Zoeva.

Zoeva cosmetics for strong women: Wear the Love

Many people think that cosmetics only cover the surface of the skin and are therefore primarily focused on externals. But Zoe and Barbara Boikou know from their own experience that products by Zoeva can also symbolise inner strength.

Zoe describes the determined facial expression with which her mother applied make-up at the dressing table: “With every brushstroke, her bearing became more upright.” When her mother put blusher on little Zoe for the first time, she accompanied the action with the words: “It doesn’t matter what happens. We’ve got each other – and love.” At this moment, the company founder understood that make-up expresses much more than beauty alone: “It is power.” Wear the Love, trage die Liebe, is a motto from Zoeva: According to Zoe, cosmetics are an expression of worth and a sign of love.

Shop Zoeva cosmetics online: wearable love for every woman

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