Cut-throat razors Shaving Shop by ERBE

Grooming has long been a term used in the world of men. As a result, the classic razor has gained more and more importance. Simply shaving it off? That was yesterday. With the Becker Manicure Shaving Shop, men’s cosmetics demands are complemented by the right tools such as razor blades or tweezers.

Welcome to the barbershop

The long-standing tradition of the barbershop continues even today, especially in America. A wet shave with a razor blade, lots of foam, and an incomparable, smooth result - thanks to the Becker Manicure Shaving Shop, the well-groomed man no longer has to miss out on this, even within his own four walls. Accessories such as strops and replacement blades can also be purchased for cosmetics and use. Take time out for yourself and for the perfect shave. The result is an incomparable shave.