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The Jack Black range of cosmetics is not to be confused with the famous actor, since he is guarantee… Learn more
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Jack Black Men's grooming, Haircare and Skin care

The Jack Black range of cosmetics is not to be confused with the famous actor, since he is guaranteed to be unable to compete with the high quality skincare products when it comes to skincare and efficiency. The brand comes from the USA and was founded by Jeff Dandurand, Curran Dandurand and Emily Dalton in 2000. The cosmetics fans recognised that men’s skincare at the time was not nearly as well developed as the equivalent for women, meaning that men had to choose from an extremely limited selection, which did not necessarily represent the ideal solution for their skin type. The Jack Black brand was intended to alter this state of affairs.

A success story from the USA

The cosmetics from the Jack Black range represent high quality, innovative and modern skincare for masculine skin, which pampers it, provides it with nutrients and can be specifically tailored to each individual skin type. That’s another reason why the products are considered to be premium cosmetics, which are quick and uncomplicated to use despite their unbeatable effectiveness. This was particularly important to the founders, as men should not need to spend an unnecessarily long time in the bathroom for their personal hygiene routine, but instead quickly achieve noticeable and visible results. By now, accessibility, ease of use and effectiveness are the three factors which distinguish the brand from other alternatives on the market. Men’s skincare that makes itself seen The Jack Black brand quickly became available at retailers in the USA, although the products have also long been distributed internationally. The founders have also been able to appeal to stars and starlets with their skincare products. Hollywood stars such as Ben Stiller, Bruce Willis or Matthew McConaughey swear by the effectiveness of Jack Black products and have stated that they use the products on a regular basis. Reason enough for German men to also indulge themselves with the luxury of high quality cosmetic products and thereby intensively pamper their skin.