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Clearasil for spots: Cleansing and care for impure skin

Clearasil is one of the most famous brands in the world for skincare and cleansing products that combat blackheads and spots effectively. The manufacturer sells a complete range with wash gel, peels, cleansing pads, face toner and cream specially designed to care for impure skin. The products are carefully coordinated, are suitable for daily use and should alleviate skin impurities within a few hours.

Clearasil – a brand with tradition

The Clearasil brand has been combating skin impurities and acne since the 1950s. The target group has long been teenagers who are looking for a cure-all for spots and blackheads. Numerous Clearasil products for impure skin have appeared over the years, which have a soothing effect thanks to the active ingredient salicylic acid.

The brand is known for cleansing pads, spot pens, face cleansers and potent creams that combat skin impurities. Thanks to the manufacturer’s decades of expertise, innovative formulas have been developed that give teenagers and long-suffering adults a pure, even complexion. The brand is mainly defined by its fast-acting products that bring down redness quickly and can reduce the size of spots.

Shop Clearasil – effective formulas for pure skin

When manufacturing skincare and cleansing products, Clearasil opts for salicylic acid above all. This opens up the pores to remove the sebum, dirt and traces of make-up locked within them. It frees your skin from dead skin cells and kills bacteria that can lead to inflammation. Subsequently, the product closes the skin pores so that no further germs and dirt can get in.

The peels by Clearasil contain dibenzoyl peroxide as an active ingredient. This removes dead skin cells and helps to speed up skin renewal. The peroxide has antimicrobial properties and prevents the multiplication of bacteria. Resorcin has an antiseptic effect and disinfects the pores. Sulphur checks inflammation without disturbing the natural acid barrier of the skin.

Clearasil products that reach the pores for pure skin

Irritated, reddened skin that is prone to blackheads and skin impurities is a thing of the past with the products from Clearasil They cleanse deep down, refine the pores and clarify the skin. To effectively eradicate spots and blackheads from the skin, they penetrate deep into the pores to remove sebum and dirt. The disinfecting, antiseptic ingredients combat bacteria that cause inflammation, thus creating a visibly pure, even complexion. The Clearasil product palette comprises various cleansing and skincare products:

  • Clearasil Wash Cream and Peel: The 3-in-1 product gives you visibly pure skin by combating skin impurities, which improves skin renewal and reduces spots.
  • Peel: A face peel that cleanses deep into the pores, combating and preventing blackheads. It is suitable for daily use.
  • Clearasil Face Toner: For visibly purer skin, it is recommended that you use a toner that unclogs the pores morning and evening.
  • Clearasil Pore-Cleansing Pads: The pads contain a solution with skin-clarifying ingredients. These penetrate deep into the pores and help to alleviate skin impurities within a few hours and prevent new ones appearing.
  • Clearasil Rapid Action Cream: The rapid action cream promises visibly purer skin in only four hours. If you apply it to the affected areas straight after cleansing, it can considerably alleviate redness and the size of spots. The skin-clarifying ingredients free blocked pores and quickly remove skin impurities.

All products by Clearasil for combating spots are dermatologically tested. They contain effective ingredients that help to obtain a purer, fresh complexion. Skin impurities can be considerably reduced by washing the face twice a day and the occasional use of a pore-cleansing peel.

Shop Clearasil: wash gel, pads and cream for spots and blackheads

Discover your individual skincare programme for impure skin at parfumdreams. Clearasil offers various products for this, which mainly target cleansing the pores to remove grease and dirt. They effectively combat bacteria and contribute to alleviating reddened spots in a few hours.

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