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Durex: The brand for intimate safety and fun

The Durex brand stands for safer sex like no other. Durex is the brand leader amongst condom manufacturers in over 40 countries and has been in business since 1929. Durex is active in over 150 countries. Durex sells four billion condoms every year.

The Durex brand was founded in 1929. The first Durex condom factory, which specialised in latex condoms, appeared in 1932 in the London borough of Hackney. Gradually, the brand established itself internationally and promoted its fame and the spread of Durex products with the introduction of condom machines in 1964. In 1978 Durex was even the official Formula 1 sponsor, which helped to garner further fame for the brand.

The big breakthrough for the Durex brand

The big breakthrough for Durex came after 1980 and when people became aware of the HIV virus and AIDS. Since then, sexual intercourse has been closely associated with the use of condoms – to avoid not only pregnancies but also sexually-transmitted diseases. Condoms (and female condoms) are the only method of contraception that also protects from sexually-transmitted diseases.

The Durex products at parfumdreams

Durex did indeed become known for latex condoms but now manufactures considerably more products to do with sexual intercourse than condoms for men. These include:

  • Durex condoms: in different sizes and strengths, to suit different tastes as well as latex-free condoms
  • Durex lubricants: Water-based and silicon-based lubricants under brand names like play Warming, play Cool Mint and play Massage 2 in 1.
  • Durex sex toys: Sex toys like vibrators or penis rings under the brand names play Vibrations, play Dream and play Inspiration.

The Durex brand is a pioneer in many revolutionary products. The introduction of the first lubricated condom, the introduction of the first anatomically shaped condom as well as the development of condoms with certain features, which, for example, are designed to delay climax or are ribbed for more stimulation.

What makes the Durex brand stand out?

  • Durex was the pioneer of awareness campaigns on contraception, sexually-transmitted diseases and safer sex, starting television and poster campaigns on these subjects. Condoms have been sold in supermarkets, pharmacies and pubs since 1980.
  • Durex has not only prevented unwanted pregnancies worldwide but has also protected numerous people from potentially dangerous sexually-transmitted diseases. The brand stands for health, safety, and a fun approach to sexuality.

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