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Marvis: Appealing toothcare products “Made in Italy”

The Italian brand Marvis specialises in high-quality toothcare products and has existed since 1958. It was founded by Earl Franco Cella di Rivara, who originally focused on smokers. With a super intense minty taste, he wanted to improve the toothcare experience, which is why he developed the Classic Strong Mint toothpaste.

The brand became well-known in the 70s – but it took until nearly the turn of the century for its big breakthrough. In 1997, the cosmetics firm Ludovico Martelli Srl bought Marvis and positioned Marvis toothpaste as a luxury product. The brand began to be successful and was expanded from Italy to the world.

What is the USP of the Marvis brand?

The Marvis brand advertises extraordinary oral care and confirms this promise at the very first glance: Attractive packaging and the unusual flavours of Marvis toothpaste provide a pleasant toothcare experience and a special moment of daily oral hygiene.

Marvis is known beyond the Italian borders and has earned its reputation as a brand for high-quality toothcare products. The products in the decorative tubes and bottles not only look chic in the bathroom, they also guarantee a thorough clean as well as reliable protection for the teeth, gums and oral flora.

What products are there in the Marvis range?

Marvis has developed a wide range of toothcare products since its founding in Florence, including:

  • toothpaste
  • mouthwashes
  • toothbrushes

Another special feature of Marvis products is the flavours. With flavours like licorice-mint, rhubarb-mint and jasmine-mint, Marvis takes brushing your teeth from a boring routine to a tasty experience. Strong Mint toothpaste with peppermint oil is obviously also available as a classic variant. It was the cornerstone of Marvis’ success and is still the best-seller in the product range today. The mouthwashes enhance the toothpaste perfectly.

Not only are they pleasant-tasting, they are also safe for the teeth

The toothcare brand is not only characterised by pleasant and varied flavours. They also ensure fresh breath and a fresh feeling, clean the teeth reliably and offer, along with caries prevention, all-round protection for the mouth and teeth. In addition, there are brightening toothpastes to combat discolouration, plaque and tartar for a sparkling white smile. Only natural ingredients are used in order to maintain the tooth enamel and prevent harm to the teeth.

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