Trussardi perfume

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Trussardi perfume: Style and Italian elegance

The name Trussardi embodies the simple yet elegant Italian style this country has made so famous. The international fashion and luxury group can look back on over 100 years of history that began in Bergamo near Milan. Today, Trussardi is still in the hands of the family of the same name. Trussardi perfume has conveyed in fragrances the elegance associated with this brand since 1982.

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  • Trussardi My Name: This Eau de Parfum spray by Trussardi stands out immediately with its delicate pink colour, which the precious crystal bottle brings to light from the inside out. With this perfume, Trussardi expresses the individual identity of every woman with a finely balanced composition of floral and earth tones. A fresh and high-impact Trussardi women’s fragrance that combines the lightness of being with deep sensuality. Heliotrope and violet characterise the airy top note, while violet and moss add interesting overtones before the fragrance rounds off with amber and vanilla.
  • Trussardi La Vie di Milano: The name of this Eau de Parfum spray by Trussardi is as extravagant as the bottle: Aperitivo Milanese Porta Nuova. This fragrance for men and women bears the name of a mediaeval gate in the centre of Milan. This is where the beautiful and famous people meet up everyday at Happy Hour for an aperitif before the hot phase of the night begins. This bottle has a stopper in the shape of a greyhound, the trademark of Trussardi. A citrus-fresh top note turns into iris, amaryllis and heliotrope before the fragrance expands into amber, benzoin and vanilla.
  • Trussardi 1911 Woman: This timelessly classic Eau de Parfum spray by Trussardi bears the numerals of the founding year and was presented as an anniversary fragrance for the 100th birthday of Trussardi. The extraordinary elegance of this luxury brand is marked by the top note, which leaves an unforgettable impression with sparkling yuzu, astringent cedar and fresh melon. The gentle floral tones of jasmine, lotus and tea leaves are reminiscent of the Orient before the perfume with patchouli, sandalwood, cedar and vanilla wraps the wearer in supple warmth.

Since 1911, Trussardi has been one of the brands the elegant world of Milan does not want to be without. In that year, Dante Trussardi founded a glove factory in Bergamo. This town, just a few kilometres from Milan, was the home of reliable specialists, who took their work to the highest level.

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