Desigual Parfum

Perfume from the house of Desigual was only ever going to be a winner. The Spanish fashion label has been known for its joie de vivre, vivid colours and striking patterns for several decades already. The label was established back in 1984 and hit the target straight off with its first shop on Ibiza. Today, it’s hard to think back to those early days with Desigual branches now stretching across the globe. Men, women and children of all ages love the striking designs and sampling the new fashion looks. At Desigual, the latest trends meet totally fresh inspiration and are turned into something quite special. Fragrances that are what they say. One look at the fashion label’s fragrance selection and it’s clear that the manufacturer remains true to its word. In fact, it’s made glaringly obvious that Desigual perfume is also all about the fun in life. The three words - Love, Sex and Fun - are constantly immortalised on the label’s garments and now there’s a perfume to match. The flaçon alone attracts all the attention, captured in vivid colours. And the fragrances themselves do not disappoint. While Fun is a mainly fresh and cheerful fragrance, Love is sensuous and warm and Sex injects adventure into the perfume shelf. . The sheer colour is great for lifting the mood and is therefore essential to any perfume shelf. And on top of that, Desigual perfume always proves to be an outstanding gift choice as well.