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My mission is to bring my personal skincare routine to my fans through affordable, safe, gentle and … Learn more

KYLIE SKIN Skin care

My mission is to bring my personal skincare routine to my fans through affordable, safe, gentle and effective products that can be used by women and men of all ages. I hope my skincare range will become a part of your daily lives, like it is mine. Xo Kylie -- Kylie Skin is against animal testing and is vegan, gluten free and dermatologist tested.

KYLIE SKIN – use these products every day for radiantly beautiful skin

Kylie Jenner shares her beauty secrets with you in her new skincare line. Experience products that gently cleanse your skin and care for it effectively every day. The formulas with their gentle, natural ingredients are suitable for every skin need. At the same time, they pair well with the top model’s glamorous make-up line. Parfumdreams presents KYLIE SKIN, the trendy new brand that is taking the cosmetic industry by storm. Discover the products in our shop!

Your skincare routine with KYLIE SKIN

Your skincare is particularly effective when all the steps complement each other, such as in the case of the products of KYLIE SKIN. Your daily routine begins with a gentle cleanse. Impurities and dead skin cells are gently removed in a two-step process. Then moisturising skincare products ensure a smooth, radiant complexion.

  • Foaming Face Wash: The cleansing lotion works gently and thoroughly. It removes excess oil and make-up residue completely. At the same time, the nourishing Kiwi seed oil as well as Vitamin C and E lock prevent your skin from drying out. Thus, the cleansing lotion provides the skin with moisture and tones it while you are cleansing.
  • Walnut Face Scrub: The Face Scrub with finely ground walnut shell ensures a flawless complexion. Its anti-inflammatory ingredients and valuable fruit extracts guarantee a deep pore cleanse, while the gentle exfoliation refreshes your complexion.
  • Vanilla Milk Toner: The combination of avocado oil, kiwi seed oil and apple extract soothes and hydrates the skin after cleansing. Your complexion appears smoother and your skin is now ready for the next step of the skincare routine: moisturising/treatment. The highlight is the lingering delicate vanilla fragrance after this skincare step.
  • Face Moisturizer: THE KYLIE SKIN Face Moisturiser is perfect for everyone who wants intensive moisture without any feeling of heaviness. The light formula made of oats, orange peel extract and Shea butter leaves your skin feeling soft and provides ongoing care and nourishment. At the same time, its smoothing ingredients prepare the skin perfectly for the application of foundation & co.
  • Eye Cream: The sensitive eye area requires very special care. This is exactly what KYLIE SKIN eye cream with green tea, Vitamin E and pomegranate extract offers you. It provides intensive moisture, reduces dark circles and softens the appearance of fine lines. The formulation is also fragrance-free so it does justice to the sensitive eye area.
  • Vitamin C Serum: This nourishing serum lends your skin a magical glow. Antioxidants provide the skin with an additional touch of freshness to bring its radiance to the fore. At the same time, the valuable ingredients support cell protection and round off your skincare routine perfectly.

Vegan skincare for all skin types

The products of KYLIE SKIN stand out due to their pleasantly light textures, which provide your skin with moisture throughout the day. Kylie's mission is to underscore your natural beauty. For this reason, she uses skin-friendly oils and plant extracts in her product line that refresh and nourish the complexion. The products are also 100% vegan so you can enjoy her skincare range without worry. Kylie Skin is also cruelty-free.

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Give your complexion the gift of moisture, protection and a radiant glow with the effective products of KYLIE SKIN: Test them yourself and experience the refreshing effect of the feather-light skincare line that is perfect for all skin types!