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Cosmetics and make-up

The collective term cosmetics is derived from the ancient Greek verb kosmetikós, which practically means “arrange" or “adorn". Cosmetics can thus be understood to mean beauty care, which, besides make-up, also includes perfume and fragrances, hair care and body care in general. However, make-up plays a special role as it adorns and nourishes the face, eyes, and lips in an eye-catching way.

The term “make-up" was coined by Max Factor, a Polish-American cosmetician, in the 1920s/1930s as he made a name for himself as the first make-up artist to Hollywood and film stars. Throughout his life, he was one of the leading minds in the cosmetics industry, and even today, he lives on through the make-up range that bears his name.

A brief history of make-up

Even the Egyptians defined their eyes, which were considered the epitome of beauty, with striking kajal lines, kohl eyeshadows, powdered lapis lazuli, and other substances, and enhanced the colour of their cheeks and lips with rouge.

This adornment was not just for decoration but also for physical cleanliness and nourishment of the skin. In ancient Egypt, body care, cleansing, and make-up played a very big role for both men and women.

During the Middle Ages, a pale complexion was a beauty ideal for Europeans. This changed, however, at the latest during the Renaissance, when applying make-up to the cheeks and lips began to enjoy great popularity at our latitude too, particularly down to role models such as Elizabeth I of England, who painted her lips scarlet red with carmine, a dye made from female lice.

Make-up: sophisticated beauty from beautifying care

"Modern make-up isn’t just a cosmetic product but also a caring product."

Good make-up doesn’t just conceal; it emphasises beauty too. At Parfumdreams, you will, therefore, find only make-up products with caring properties. Thanks to constant developments and innovations, the latter in particular are increasingly taken into consideration.

Enriching minerals and oil-free mixtures ensure a flawless, healthy complexion. Of course, Eyes and lips can also be highlighted with products of the same high quality. If the eyes are the window to the soul and red lips really should be kissed, then it makes sense to highlight the beautiful features in these areas of your own face!

With the right make-up accessories, this is easy to do. And for hands, this make-up tool, together with attractive and caring nail products, can also be used to create the right look.

With our navigation aid “Special Make-up", you can see which products in these 5 categories are the most popular, which have been newly added to our range, and which are on offer at a reduced price.

What made Cleopatra beautiful and attractive…

... enables you to emphasise your natural, individual charm too. We can’t offer you a bathtub filled with milk but we’re sure that even the Egyptian queen would have been delighted with our range of lipsticks, kohls, and eyeshadows!

With its make-up products, Parfumdreams wants to continue the long tradition of “arranging" and “adorning" the face and body. With every stroke of kohl, eyeshadow, or eyeliner, we write the story of make-up with you!