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The Creed brand has over 200 years of perfumery tradition behind it. It was founded in England in 1… Learn more
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Creed Fragrances

Noble scents from Creed, the traditional brand

The Creed brand has over 200 years of perfumery tradition behind it. It was founded in England in 1760 by James Creed, and then expanded into France and inspired Napoleon and Empress Sissi with its elegant fragrance blends. Today, Creed fragrances are considered to be kings among perfume. They have long since stood for pure luxury and call to mind the passion of epochs gone by. The beguiling nuances are a true fragrance experience for the senses.

Luxurious fragrances for men and women from Creed

Let yourself be inspired by the sheer variety of men’s, women’s and unisex fragrances by Creed. Our recommendations for Spring are two particularly exclusive perfumes for Him and Her:
The Eau de Parfum Eau de Parfum Bois du Portugal was created in 1806 and is an irresistible classic among men’s fragrances. It casts its spell with a blend of coriander, sandalwood, vetiver and frankincense and is the ideal scent for confident characters.The romantic women’s fragranceLove in White is a floral oriental fragrance creation from Creed and is a homage to true love. This soft, sensual perfume made from white flowers was created in 2008 in homage to love.
Did you know?

A personal Creed perfume for you too

Did you know that in past times, personalised fragrances were reserved exclusively for the ruling aristocracy? Shortly after its foundation, Creed, one of the oldest perfume manufacturers in the world, became part of this exclusive circle of purveyors to the royal court and has created its valuable perfumes exclusively for the aristocracy for a long time. The times are changing and although the aristocracy still belongs to the perfumery’s select clientele, the perfumery wants to make the artistry of its factories available to you too. So, today, everyone can order an exclusive Creed perfume, which is then produced solely and exclusively for the customer alone for five years. After these five years have passed, the company incorporates the fragrance into its range.

For example, one of these perfumes is the men’s fragrance Creed Aventus. Creed Aventus is a homage to the explorers of the past, who definitely exist in our modern times too. At the same time, Creed Aventus also celebrates the company’s family values. This is because Creed perfumes have been continuously manufactured by a family company for 250 years. Each fragrance is exclusively developed by hand; in fact, by a family member. This is currently Olivier Henry Creed, who travels the world himself to discover new aromas. This results in fragrances that remain exclusive for longer than just five years. A Creed perfume appeals to the senses; it offers men and women the widest possible variety of aromas and can be both “very British” and “très Français”. Enjoy the luxury of these fragrances; you will be inspired.